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About Us _


Crossroad Data Solutions was established to fill the growing need business owners to remain competitive in today's high technology world. It is entirely possible to build a rock solid infrastructure on a very small budget. Let us show you how.

We bring over thirty years of voice and data experience to the table for each and every customer.

Give us a call for more details and Special introductory offers.

Our History _

From our Founder, Kim Figard - After graduating from Key Business College' Computer Sciences in 1987, I began working as a telephone repair technician. However, it wasn't long before the cost of telephones became less than the cost of repair. The company I was working for began installing PBX Phone systems in order to stay in business. After learning the trade, I went out on my own DBA General Connections in 1989. When Gulf War I started, I decided it was a good time to broaden my horizons and serve my country. I joined the Army in 1991 for Desert Storm but never deployed because the conflict was so short. After 8 years in the Army SATCOM and BMET, I was hired by Cottrell as Technician, then Network Engineer, and Ended up Starting and managing their Data Division. Things went down hill for Telecoms in 2007. I started Crossroad Data Solutions and picked up wiring jobs in evenings and on weekends to help ends meet, Mostly. After several years of moonlighting, I went Full time with Crossroad Data in 2010. My wife Amy came on board full time in 2012. We've been growing nicely ever since. We have many satisfied customers available for referral upon request and would love to have you as part of our family for many years to come.

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