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A Bit About Us _

Crossroad Data Solutions was established to fill the growing need of business owners to remain competitive in today's high technology world. It is entirely possible to build a rock solid infrastructure on a very small budget. Let us show you how.

Today's technology is much simpler to use, but at the same time, more confusing and difficult to manage. With our experience in all things technical, we can help in nearly every area of business technology. If we don't have direct experience with your specific hardware or software, we usually have a partner who does.


Schedule a free visit with us, where we can look over your systems and provide a more detailed review and recommendations. There is no obligation after that.

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Services _
  • Managed Services for Voice and Data

  • VoIP and Hosted Telephone Systems

  • Telephone and Voice Mail Systems

  • Network and Computer Systems

  • Laptop and PC Installation and Repair

  • Server Installation and Repair

  • Email and Domain Name Setup

  • Cell Phone Repeater Systems

  • Cloud Backup (Offsite Backup)

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Voice and Data Wiring

  • WiFi Networking

  • ​Consulting

  • IT solutions

  • ​Training

  • Internet security

  • Web Filtering


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